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d&e interaction//and their fanboy

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"Fan asked about what happened to the necklace Hyukjae was wearing at Sukira last night, hyukjae said he threw it away

fan repeated it and hyukjae still said threw it away, then fan took out donghae’s IG update today and showed it to hyukjae and he said “is my necklace the same as the one donghae is wearing in the pic ?????”

and then he said that he threw it to lee donghae”

cr. natkalau,mish_shellx

I the only one that notice that Hyuk was wearing the same clothes from the day before (in sukira radio) but this time without the necklace. 

1º pic: Sukira

2º pic: Chocolat Bon Bon

And where is the necklace, or better, who have the necklace? 
Well, the necklace is with Donghae
Does that mean that they slept together in the night before and Hae took Hyuk’s necklace?
It’s an valid theory XD

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Global Donation for GDA project by Target_SJ →

ELF, please take time to read. Thank you.

As of now MAMACITA album sales, ver. A and ver. B combined, is 146,000+; currently #4 in Hanteo yearly album chart. If you estimated it, we need to buy more at least 150,000 albums to secure GDA and we only have 3 months to do that.

Yes, we need…

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With everything that has been happening within the industry this year, I just want to take a moment and give a virtual hug to the ELFs who have never abandoned our boys through this long and hard journey. I’ve never doubted Super Junior’s loyalty to each other for one second. In hell and high…

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Anonymous asked: I'm just gonna say what literally everyone is thinking: the only reason people drag SuJu into any and all KPop drama is because they're unbreakable. NOTHING can touch these boys. All these poor fandoms who realize their biases will NEVER have what SuJu has, and that is true brotherhood. They are a family through every and anything, and other fans are jealous because the shock of how fake their favs are drives them mad with envy for your boys. I don't even like my baises anymore, can I be ELF? TT



You’re always welcome into the fandom, dear anon. :) 

I really do think that way as well; their bond…their brotherhood is something you can’t compare to other groups. There have been numerous times where the members mentioned they think they’re brothers. There are so many fanaccounts outside of concerts, fansigns, other official gatherings where they are seen hanging out and having a good time in public together. 

We’ve been through a lot (SJ and ELF); we’ve grown together—despite myself not being there from the beginning (ELF for two years), though that doesn’t matter. 

As Leeteuk stated: "Super Junior is good at everything except for one thing - breaking up."

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Why I love SJ and always will~ →


There’s a diversity in the group that maybe other groups don’t have. They have members who are deathly pale, they have other who are darker and they’re all beautiful. They have members who have muscle, they have members who are stick thin and members who are rounder and then the members who admit…

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Anonymous asked: people were probably bringing up SJ because I've a lot of posts of SONE's begging that Heechul needs to say something against SM and to defend Jessica



She wants to and chose to leave to study fashion because she likes it so he doesn’t have to say anything. If she was ‘kicked out’ or asked him to “defend” her then yeah, maybe he would say something. But she wasn’t kicked out, she chose to be inactive and focus on fashion so it’s got nothing to do with him. Why would he hold her back from something she wants to pursue? You know what I mean?

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  • you may vote once per one mnet account
  • you must select 10 different people at once in order to vote. (so choose other nominees that you think are not SJ’s rival ^^)
  • Voting Period : 2014.9.30 ~ 2014.10.20 14:00 KST
** SIA Awards Show : 2014.10.28 19:00 KST

Please vote.. they are not getting any votes..

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