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Hello fellow ELF!!! I’m a nail artist and I recently posted a set of Mamacita nails, if you’re interested could you take a look and possibly give me a reblog? I need a boost getting known by the ELF community on Tumblr! Thank you so much, sorry to bother you! I hope you have a nice day! I love you blog so much!!! Suju fighting! <3 

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MAMACITA is #1 on YinYueTai V Charts with a perfect 100 score! They’re the first to break it on the korean chart!


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Chu~♥ Sungmin kissing Leeteuk’s Cheek 

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(INFO)SJ 7 #MAMACITA physical album will be released in Korea today! Sales from Leesmusic, Synnara, YesAsia & DVD Heaven count towards Hanteo

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MAMACITA MV surpassed +4,000,000 views!


even though MV views passed 4m views, SNS points from youtube are collected weekly so ELF has to keep watching the MV till promos are done!



What happen no one is really watching it.  I guess the novelty wore off..  I for one am still watching and supporting. 

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Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_MAMACITA(아야야)_Music Video

Did we give up already. comments are now like 6-7 minutes apart…. i thought we were here for SUJU’s comeback.. Please. please come watch..


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Hyuk end oppa oppa with mamacita sword action. Hae burst out laughing and backhug hyuk.


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